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February’s Founder’s Flavor is: Cookie Dough

The theme of February is love and it seems like everyone is loving our Founder’s Favorite Coffee Club flavor of the month: Cookie Dough!  This flavor brings the sweetness of brown sugar and our smooth and buttery vanilla for the ultimate sweet treat.  

Cookie Dough Coffee - Founder's Flavor

How the MLMH Community Enjoying Their Cookie Dough Coffee

Fun fact: Did you know that flavored coffee is more flavorful when you add a splash of creamer or milk? It provides something for the flavoring to “stick” to and enhances the flavor of the coffee!

Let’s see how everyone has been enhancing their Cookie Dough Coffee this month: 

  • Chobani’s Sizzlin’ Brown Sugar Creamer taste as good as it sounds! It’s made from fresh cream, milk, cane sugar and a touch of natural flavoring.  This sweet & savory cream is the perfect pairing for this month’s Founder’s Flavor. It really brings out the brown sugar and buttery vanilla of the Cookie Dough. 
  • Girl Scout Cookie in your mug: add a splash of Chobani’s Paddy’s Lucky Batch creamer for a decadent mint & cookie flavor.  You can also add this to your favorite hot cocoa for the perfect cozy drink! 
  • Kick the flavoring up a notch with Chocolate Milano syrup. With a bittersweet, dark chocolate taste, you can mix it right in, or drizzle it on top with some whipped cream. 

More coffee - Cookie Dough

What is the MLMH community saying about this month’s flavor:

  • “Okay Gina, this is absolutely amazing! I wish I signed up sooner!” – Allie L. 
  • “OH MY  FREAKING GOD GINA!  This new coffee flavor 😍 🤤.  I Could cry it’s so good. I’m going to need an extra bag of this.” – Dawn A. 
  • “This month’s coffee flavor is my absolute favorite!! Ripped right into as soon as it got here!” – Sara N.

MLMH Community Coffee & Tea Creations:

We love our community and their tasty creations.  Let’s take a look at a couple of our favorites: 

Mystery sample - cookie dough

What Else is New At Surviving Motherhood Coffee

As a fun surprise we added sample sizes of our Founder’s Favorite coffee club flavors available to everyone, but as a complete and total mystery!!  This gives you the chance to try the flavors that are club exclusive, but won’t know what they are until you brew it. Grab your mystery bag here.

ICYMI: We finally rounded up Team MLMH’s  favorite secret menu items! You can see their  Surviving Motherhood Coffee & Tea creations here.  

More FAQs? Shoot Gina and email at  If you haven’t already, we’d love for you join the community!   click here to join our community on Facebook!

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