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Surviving Motherhood Quarantine Beverage Guide

As we round the corner on quarantine week #2 I don’t think there’s a better time to put together another one of our favorite beverage guides! So whether you’re looking for a new cocktail to try, or just want a good laugh – get to scrollin’ to see what we’ve put together for you!

Big thanks to my little sister who’s worked behind the bar at a local restaurant for years – I most definitely pulled from her expertise for this roundup!

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

SOS Spritzer

  • Sending out an SOS – for alone time! This spritzer is super easy and one of our favorite mocktails. Combine soda water or sprite with a splash of cranberry juice and a fun garnish. We suggest grapefruit slice and mint springs but let’s be real – we’d really take anything at this point. Banana peel and fun colorful straw? Sold!

Nothin’ but Mayhem Mojito

  • When it’s all mayhem all the time, close your eyes and let this mojito mocktail (NOjito if you will) take you back to simpler times. Combine Sprite, soda water, and a splash of lemonade for the base, add a handful of squeezed lime wedges and some mint springs and you’re ready to set sail!
Surviving Motherhood one sip at a time quarantine beverage guide

Photo courtesy of Jacki @ Crazy Life With Littles, visit her on Instagram here!

Alcoholic Beverages

Pomegranate Quarantini

  • To make the most delicious quarantini combine Absolut Mandarin, a splash of triple sec, a splash of pomegranate liquor and a splash of cranberry juice. Feeling fancy?Garnish with lime and/or an orange slice leftover from breakfast.

Goin’ Coconut Sangria

  • Goin’ coconuts? Us too – let’s set sail with a glass of white wine, add Malibu to taste, a splash of cranberry and splash pineapple juices and garnish with an orange slice, cherry, AND a lime. Layering the garnish on a toothpick is cool, just don’t let any little fingers get ahold of it and flail it around like a deadly weapon.

Rum Imma Punch… Someone

  • If you’re feeling more feisty than beachy, this ones for you. Combine Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, and Malibu coconut rum, with OJ and pineapple juices with a splash of grenadine. 

Cheers to The Chaos Cranberry Cosmo

  • When you’re ready to sit down and celebrate how chaotic it is instead of stressing over it, combine Deep Eddy’s cranberry vodka with a splash triple sec and a splash cranberry juice (if on the rocks serve with soda water or sprite) Garnish this little number with a lime wedge!
Surviving Motherhood one sip at a time quarantine beverage guide

Photo courtesy of community member Rachelle! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

There you have it, friends! We hope you love our latest roundup of quarantine friendly beverages! If you haven’t yet, grab your own dang glass here, the least we can do for ourselves  is to take a moment to savor our quarantinis in a mommy-only glass, amirite?! Shop drinkware here!

And last but certainly not least, we’d love to have you join our Facebook community! It’s a group of kickass mamas that support one another through and through. We’ll see you there! 


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