Parenting Using the Stars

If you’re like me you follow astrology and you believe in the power of the moon, stars, and planets. I’ve always had an interest in astrology and horoscopes. I’m a Pisces sun and Capricorn moon. The Pisces in me is why I need a creative outlet, love the ocean, crave alone time, can read people like no one’s business. My Capricorn side is why I have a realistic approach to problems, am my own worst critic, and why I survive, and at times, thrive in corporate America. For me, astrology plays into parenting and every day life.



Kids and Astrology: 


Emma, the epitome of a Leo in her Chaos Crew tee

My Leo Girl

Emma, my 4 year old is a Leo. Leo children are often described as confident, proud, independent, with a touch of vanity. I often say with Emma that I will never be able to love her as much as she loves herself. She has never passed a mirror she didn’t stare lovingly at, and she has never failed to be the “best” at every task she has ever taken on. Her confidence is unwavering. She walks onto a playground and greets everyone with the Miss America wave.

What I’ve learned

I’ve learned with Emma I need manage her expectations. I want her to be confident, however, I want her to apply an effort and learn new things. She entered a hula-hooping contest when she did not know how to hula-hoop. I used it as a learning opportunity. I explained to her that would teach her and get her ready for the next competition. I’m excited to see how she grows and her personality changes, but I do hope she always keeps (maybe slightly toned down) Leo-ness.


Madison is all of her Bruins glory

My Scorpio Girl

My oldest, Madison is a double Scorpio. She has the same moon and sun sign. She is a purebred Scorpio. Children with her sign can be strong-willed, manipulative , confident, and insecure at the same time. It is said that as get older your moon sign takes a more of active role in your personality. When Madison hit her teenager years her (double) Scorpio traits really took center stage. She has always liked what she likes, regardless of what others thought. She was not afraid to be the only girl on the flag football team nor was she afraid to never wear a dress. Her strong will and individualism will serve her well as an adult.

What I’ve learned

As a Pisces mom, my instincts are to give my kids freedom and independence. However, with a Scorpio teenager I learned to reign things in. She is steadfast in knowing what she wants, but also insecure. Parenting a Scorpio is more difficult than anticipated, but I’ve learned to adapt. The Capricorn side of me allows me to see through her manipulative ways, and apply a practical approach to her actions. I remind myself how she is a hormonal, emotional teenager and she is doing everything possible to get to me. Obviously, this is a lot easier said than done, but raising a teenager girl, regardless of her sign is not an easy feat.

Look to the stars

I know astrology isn’t for everyone, but I implore you to look up your child’s sign and see how accurate their traits are. You may even find yourself surprised 😁 by the accuracy. Finally, it does not matter what your kid’s sign is because they’re gonna put you through the ringer. Next time you stargazing ask for a little bit a guidance, because it can never hurt!

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