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DIY Monster Truck Tire Cupcakes

Birthday parties can be very expensive.

Hell, even a birthday without a party can be expensive. One way to cut costs when it comes to throwing your little one a party is to make the cake (or desserts) yourself. I love to bake, and challenge myself when it comes to fun cakes and party treats for the kids. These monster truck tire cupcakes were born out of a request from my 7 year old who wanted a “monster truck party, MOM!” The best part about these is that you don’t have to buy anything that special, and you could even add these on top of pre-made store bought cupcakes if you’re not a baker.

With the exception of your cupcakes, other supplies needed for creating these will be mini chocolate or chocolate covered donuts (one for each cupcake), toothpicks, a glue stick, and this paper (just click and print!)

Step one is to bake and frost (or buy) your cupcakes. If you’re baking and frosting yourself, they don’t have to look perfect because the “tires” are going to cover most of your frosting anyway. Next, you’re going to print and cut the paper that I linked above. I cut them in rectangles of 3 blocks by 12 blocks, but you can adjust your size if you want! Then, grab your toothpicks and glue stick and start assembling. Basically you are going to cover the back side of the paper with glue, place the toothpick in the center, and fold the paper in half on itself. Voila! You have a checkered flag. You’re going to want to make enough of these so that you have two per cupcake.

DIY monster truck tire cupcakes, for an easy DIY birthday party for kids!

Once all the checkered flags are assembled, unwrap your donuts and place on on the center of each cupcake. Insert your flags at an angle and that’s it! (Note: depending on the type of storage container you are using and whether or not you’re traveling with these, you may want to place the cupcake into the container before assembling!)

Don’t forget to pin these for future DIY-ing! You can find us on Pinterest here. 

DIY monster truck tire cupcakes, for an easy DIY birthday party for kids!

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