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Mommy time, rare but important!

The following is a guest post written by Jackie of Raising Cubs

Mommy moment, have you had one recently ?

A trip to the bathroom alone, can sometimes feel like a three day vacation.

Whether you are a Mama bear to one child, eight children, homeschool, work full time, have a nanny, whatever your situation may be…


And don’t let the Mama guilt fool you, our kids and our husbands, thrive when we are at our best.

Running on empty can only last for so long before you shut down.

Here are my top five ways of making mommy time every week:

  1. Take a bath – had a long day? find yourself losing your patience or yelling at the kids?  Sneak in your bathroom once your husband gets home, fill up your tub with some epson salt, maybe even essential oils and spend 30 uninterrupted minutes in your bath. Read a book, your bible, or just soak up the goodness. I would recommend locking the door 😉

  2. Work out – don’t over complicate this one. Whether yoga is your thing, walking, running, cross fit, whatever it is, DO IT. I’m not saying you have to be a die hard gym rat, but even if it’s twice a week, take care of you.

  3. Pour a glass of vino – duh, get the kids bathed and in their rooms with a tv show, grab that hot husband of yours and go sit on your porch with a glass of wine. ( not more than 2 because that would make for a horrible next day )

  4. Get a pedicure – I am not saying go to a spa, I am saying you can afford $25 once a month to have your feet rubbed and painted pretty. I guarantee you go home refreshed and a better mama bear because of it.

  5. Go to Target – I know we all do this already, but I am talking about Target with no littles! Grab a hot Starbucks and roam every single aisle like you have no place to be. I am not even saying you need to buy anything, just let your mind think of nothing more than what is in front of you.

So there you have it, those are my top five ways I try to stay sane and at my best for my husband, my kids, and myself.

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