Happy Hour 2019: A Recap!

Happy Hour! What can I say? It truly was the happiest few hours of our year here at MLMH. If you missed out on this local event, I’m going to recap it right here on the blog for you, so without further ado, let me walk you through the incredible evening!

Upon arrival our guests were checked in, given nametags and tickets to redeem for their swag. Once checked in we filtered our mama friends into the grand staircase area to enjoy some passed and stationary apps while and mingle!

After check-in, we knew it was time to open the bar and unveil our signature cocktail — the mamasecco! To say this was a fan favorite would be an understatement, and you can definitely expect to see this signature drink at our next event! Up next, we opened up our photo booth, raffle table and got the party started in the pop up shop!

To keep things organized and to ensure every mama had an opportunity to visit our pop up shop and raffle table, we welcomed small groups (based on ticket number) every 15-20 minutes to filter through. This worked perfectly, everyone was so incredibly friendly and patient throughout the process –and we were able to have them get a chance to shop through the pop-up shop at least once!

Unveiling all of the new releases was my most favorite part of watching this unfold, the smiles and excitement I saw truly made my heart smile! Countless hours and so many late nights go into planning, choosing, designing and curating these new items and watching my fellow moms get excited about them made it all worth it — a thousand times over!

As the night went on we chatted, squeezed our friends new and old, snapped tons of photos, ate great food and sipped too many mamaseccos to count! Oh, and we can’t forget the raffles! We had so many raffle baskets full of amazing prizes including TONS of products from fellow mom and women owned small businesses.

This event was so. much. more. than just a moms night out.

Moms came in groups, in pairs, and even alone in hopes of meeting some new friends! There were new moms, moms of teens, single moms, and moms of multiples, working moms and stay-at-home moms — moms from every single stage and season of motherhood imaginable. The energy of all of these unique and beautiful women in one room was palpable, and just incredible.

There were so many friendships and bonds that were formed and fostered throughout the evening – some of these women have been friends online for quite some time but were meeting in person for the first time. It was such an honor for me to host a place for these friendships to blossom.

It’s safe to say we have many more events coming down the line here at Mom Life Must Haves and I cannot wait to continue to bring this community together!

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