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DIY Your Chaos Crew Tees!

Big thanks to community mama Laurie at @ Macaroni Kid for the photo above!

If you’re running out of ideas to keep those little chaos crew busy, I am so excited to share that this we’re bringing back one of our favorite activities of this past summer! I thought it would be fun to put together a blog post with some new ways to take your chaos crew tees to the next level, so here goes!

7 Ways to DIY Your Chaos Crew Tee

Tie Dye

This was a favorite way to decorate and DIY white tees last summer! You can order a tie-dye kit on Amazon, or look up some ways to use food coloring to make your own dye, but either way keep in mind we suggest sizing up with these white tees because in order to hold dye they must be 100% cotton which means they will shrink!

DIY Chaos Crew Tees @

Fabric Markers

This was another way we saw many kiddos create! If you don’t have any, fabric markers are an essential to those craft stashes, you can grab a kit here. This is a fun way to give kids a little more control with a little less supervision – especially great for younger kids and toddlers!

DIY Chaos Crew Tees @

Beads and more!

What about turning those tees into fun summer coverups or beaded tees? If your kiddos have a bead stash for bracelets and crafting this is a super fun option! If not, pickup a bag of beads here – the possibilities are endless!

DIY Chaos Crew Tees @

Bleach Splatter

This is a fun way to change up the look of our black tees! Keep in mind, you will need actual bleach so this is an activity that should be supervised and possibly even done by an adult depending on your kiddos age! To bleach splatter, you can use an empty spray bottle to combine bleach and water. Lay your tee out somewhere safe and get to spraying! We’ve also had mamas suggest using a bleach cleaner (like Clorox cleanup!)

Neon Powder

Kiddos ready to color bomb each other? Pickup a kit of neon color powders and let them go to town! I think it goes without saying this is an activity best done outdoors but here’s your warning! 

DIY Chaos Crew Tees @

Two more ways we haven’t tried but thought would be super fun: reverse tie-dye and puffy paint! This reverse tie dye tutorial from our friends at Tulip is great! And puffy paint takes us straight back to our own childhood, pickup a kit here and show us your skills!

We’re restocking the white tees and releasing the black tees this Friday 4/3 @ 12pm EST right here!

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