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Cat in the Hat Pancakes

It’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday! Is there a better way to start the day than with pancakes? I didn’t think so. Which is exactly why I made these babies. The boys got a kick out of them, and that makes me smile. (Did you see the lunch I packed them?)

These didn’t take much time at all. Here’s how I did it…

  1. I started by prepping my pancakes the night before. I used this pancake recipe, and poured them in the shape of hats (as best I could) Don’t really worry about the shape too much, because you’re going to cover most of it anyway. Store these in an airtight container in the fridge (unless you’re making them the morning of, of course!)
  2. I also pre-sliced a bunch of strawberries the night before and stored them in the fridge as well. Depending on the size of your berries, you’ll need 4-6 per pancake.
  3. When you’re ready to assemble, it’s pretty simple. If you made them ahead of time, you’ll want to warm them up. Then layer the strawberries first, leaving some room in between.
  4. Layer the whipped cream second, and serve! You could add a side of syrup, but my boys didn’t even ask for it.

Dr. Seuss cat in the hat pancakes @

I hope you have fun making these, and even more I hope your kiddos enjoy them! If you’re on Instagram, tag me in your photos (@momlifemusthave) I love seeing your creations! If you haven’t seen our Seuss themed lunchbox, go check it out here. Thanks for popping by today, and don’t forget to pin this post on Pinterest!

Dr. Seuss cat in the hat pancakes @

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