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Boo-Tastic Halloween Books To Read To Your Chaos Crew!

The following is a guest post from our guest blogger and boy mom x2, Ashleigh. Enjoy!

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Fall is our family’s favorite time of year. There’s magic in the leaves changing and the delicious PSL. But the best part of all is one night when our chaos crew actually looks a tad like the monsters they sometimes are! Really we just love having our boo-tastic Halloween books to read to our crazy chaos crew.

Halloween is so special! Stealing your kids candy to make sure it’s ‘not poisoned’, dressing up and scaring them a little with a costume, and lastly reading them fun stories to watch their eyes light up!

Having a positive relationship with reading makes it so much easier when they have to end up reading The Crucible (do they still make kids read that?) We read together nightly and since we’ve moved into our newish home we created a loft area that the boys can read in whenever they need their quiet time. It has been a lifesaver for us!

September starts our Halloween activities from decorating, baking, and also learning all about what is fun about the season! Does your family celebrate Halloween? Do you go all out or just celebrate that day?

Here are a few Halloween Books favorites we love to read this time of year, from our chaos crew to yours!

  • Daniel Tiger Halloween: Daniel Tiger is a staple in our home and even our 2 year old LOVES seeing his favorite characters dressed up for Halloween fun plus this book is a flip and fold!
  • The Spooky Express- Eric James: This book comes in a bunch of different states! I would recommend at least around age 4 as the engineer ends up headless!
  • Monster Party: Last but not least, this one is a favorite for all ages!

Have you read any of these? Do you have any favorite Halloween books? Share them with us! If you haven’t;  grab one or three and then tell us what your crew liked most!


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    September 10, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    Have to give these a try! We love Mickey’s Halloween Treat

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