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Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Maybe you need an excuse to get outside with your kiddos, or maybe you need an excuse to kick them outside on their own — we won’t judge! 🤣 Either way, this week we’ve got a fun new printable for those chaos crews! Let’s get them some sunshine and fresh air while burning off a little energy with this fun scavenger hunt!

This is pretty easy, to get started print your scavenger hunt checklists and gather up some fun markers or other writing utensils (Click here to download the printable checklist).

Send those cuties outside and have them check things off their list as they go! If they’re feeling extra creative – or maybe you’ve got some older kids – another challenge for them would be to create their own version of the scavenger hunt on the back!

Cap this off with a picnic lunch or have them burn off steam before dinnertime. Whatever you choose I hope your kiddos enjoy this activity while you enjoy a break from the usual chaos. 

If you need a fun indoor activity today, you can always download the Chaos Crew coloring sheet I drew a few weeks back! This one is fun for little ones to paint or color, click here to download it!

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